wifi video doorbell

$100 $186
The management functions of the video doorbell include adding doorbell, deleting doorbell, doorbell software upgrade, doorbell TF card size check.
The wifi network of the video doorbell can be configured through apk.
Receive push messages from the video doorbell, including device online push, doorbell call push and motion detection (PIR) push, and manage push messages.
Connect the video doorbell and watch the surveillance, photo and video functions through the doorbell camera.
720p HD with night vision function
Recording supports local recording and video-on-demand playback on mobile phones
Support device recording, video on demand playback
Screenshot on the phone in real time
Active wake-up Remote active wake-up from the mobile phone PIR wake-up device button wake-up
Start quickly within a few milliseconds after the system starts
News push fast push 1 --- 2 seconds
Motion detection PIR motion detection, sensitivity adjustable (2 seconds) / (5 seconds) / (10 seconds)
Support two-dimensional code sharing, up to 7 users can be shared, online viewing supports 3 users at the same time
[Detailed description and parameters]
Motion detection PIR infrared detection
Power consumption standby current 250uA, working current 170mA, rechargeable (8V~24V AC charging)
Video 1920 * 1080 @ 25fps
Adaptive code stream, adapt to multiple network modes (WIFI 3G 4G)
Audio two-way voice intercom, with echo cancellation
Built-in 1 speaker
Built-in 1 microphone
Lens angle 166 degree wide angle
Day and night function IR-CUT T dual filter automatic switching
6pcs LED infrared light 850mm
Low illumination: 1 Lux
The connection supports WiFi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b \ g \ n
Storage support TF 8G / 16G / 32G / 64G
Battery 3.7V, two 18650 batteries, 3350mAH, rechargeable (8V~24V AC)
Working current 170mA, standby current 160μA
Doorbell*1Accessory kit*1Memory card*1Battery*2Manual*1

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