Travel security alarm

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This travel guardian serves as a deterrent in case of harassment. It has an additional motion sensor and emits a 15 second alarm after movement detected. Additionally, the mini travel alarm has an intergated flashlight.


  • Portable, mini size, with battery work, can take anywhere

  • 120dB big voice alarm

  • SOS function (pull alarm cord will with 120dB alarm voice)

  • LED flashlight

  • High sensitive motion detector

  • Stable quality

  • Nice designed case

About the battery

This alarm requires three AG13(LR44) (each 1.5V/CD) button cells.

*************************** Attentions ***************************

1. A new product has batteries stored alreadly, please peel off the plastice before using it.

2. Do not misplace the positive and negative poles.

About Siren Alarm
Pull the trigger out to activate the siren, push back to stop it.

About the LED Flashlight
Press the flashlight button to set the flashlight on, it will go off when button released.


- Alarm voice: 120dB

- SOS function: pull alarm cord

- LED flashlight: yes

- Power supply: lithium battery(include)

- Material: ABS

- Color: black

- Size: 6.7*3.8*2.5cm

- PIR detect distance: 1-3 meters

How to Enable the PIR Motion Sensor ?
1. Open the motion sensore cover.
2. Switch on.
3. Put the alarm in a suitable place facing to door/window or any other places what you want to detect.

*************************** Attentions ***************************
1. The detecting area is 30 degree within 3 meters (ten feet)

2. User has 35 seconds to initialize the alarm the leave, if the setting time is over 35s then the alarm will beep. Switch it off to stop the siren and re-start the alarm again.
3. After 35s initialization, the alarm beeps immediately once body movement detected.

PIR Infrared Technology

Built in pir infrared motion sensor, sleep safely when go camping or travelling.

SOS Function:

Really useful for girls, children and elders, just pull off the cord then it will alarm immediately with 120dB alarm voice.

Not Only a Personal Alarm But Also a Flashlight

Built-in LED light, can be light you when in dark.


Can be used in camping, travel, home, store, office, factory, farm, and so on.

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