Network recorder for 720P/960P/1080P IP cameras

$52.56 $78.84

1.H.264 Video Compression, 1080P/960P/720P HD Resolution

2.Realtime live display up to 4/8 IP Cameras

3.Support Multi Languages.

4.Support VGA & HDMI Video Output.

5. Backup Via USB Drive + 3.5'' Hard disk (up to 6T ) ( NO Hard Disk in the Package)

6 2pcs USB Port

7.Support iPhone,Android Mobile remote access through P2P Cloud.


9.Motion detection and Email alarm.

10.Support ONVIF2.3 Agreement.( Compatible ONVIF2.0 )

SAE3000-N1404F SAE3000-N1408F
Main Processor
HI3520D HI3520D
Operating System Embedded LINUX
System Resources Pentaplex function:live,recording,playback,backup & remote access
Operation interface 16-bit true color graphic menu operation interface, support mouse operation
1/4 1/4/8/9
Video Standards PAL 625 linee, 50 f/s; NTSC 525 linee, 60 f/s
Compressione Video H.264 High profile
quality supervision VGA,HDMI: HD

Video Input(IP)

4*1080P/8*960P/8*D1 8*1080P/12*960P/8*720P
Video Recording 1080P/960P/720P/D1
Motion Detection Rely on the front camera(If your camera is seamlessly supported by the NETIP protocol, if your camera is connected to the NVR via ONVIF, depending on the integrity of the camera's ONVIF protocol.)
Power Supply DC5V/1.5A(if you use more than 2tb hdd, please change 5V/4A or more adaptor by yourself)
Consumption <10W(not including HDD)
Temperature -20℃-55℃
Humidity 10%-90%
Atmosphere pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Dimension 200mm(length)*200mm(width)* 42mm(height)
Weight 0.14kg(about)
Package weight 0.41kg(about)


Packing List:

1* H.265 8CH Mini CCTV NVR 

1* Remote Control

1* Power Adapter( Default: EU Plug, if you need other plug ,please leave a message to us in your order page)

1* DC5V 1.5A Power Adapter

1* Power Cable

1* USB Mouse

For 8 Channel NVR:

1. Support 8pcs 4MP IP Cameras

2. Support 4pcs 5MP IP Cameras

Multiple Language

Support more than 20 Language, Chinese, English,Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian, Indonesian and Etc.......

HuaWei Hass Chip is very good quality Chip in the world, This chip can work many years never get any problem. Now have more than 90% DVR use the HuaWei Hass Chip in the world.
(Note: When you see the Chip of DVR isn't Hass Chip, And it's XM Chip, Please don't  panic, XM is agents of HuaWei , So used their own model to replace the Hass model).

Advanced Motion Detection Recording

The motion detection recording function:when motion is detected the DVR will save the footage into hard disk without missing any important events. You can even ensure that false alarms are avoided by setting the motion detection "mask"to block areas with constant movement.

Note:Our DVR Motion Detection Function only Support the following Brand of IP Camera:

As: XM, Dahua, Safer, HIVT, Part of HIKVISION. And if your IP Camera is other Brand, Can't used the Motion Detection Function with Our DVR. ( Please note before when you buying)

This Network Video Recorder Support ONVIF protocol, It's can compatible with our own brand of the network video products, but also compatible with other brand of the network video products for Onvif, It can implement multiple devices connected to each other, mutual communication.

PC & Smartphone Remote View

Using the latest Cloud technology, Anytime, Anywhere... You Can Remote View via Smart Phones, Tablets, Notebook or PC.

CMS For Local Review & Record

Default IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: null (empty)

Default Username of CMS:  super

Password: null (empty)

When you log in to CMS for the first time, Device list is empty, Please add your device at "System->Device Manager"

(As usual, DVR default IP address will be, but if your local Internet IP address with the same our default IP address, You must be changed the default IP address, you can edit the IP address of DVR by CMS.)

Website Interface Via IE

Please login your Google or IE or Firefox browser,

Then input default address in your browser


Password:null (empty)

Remind: If you use the software first time, you need to install a plugin in your computer.



If you want to remote view thourh Internet

Please login your Google or IE or Firefox browser

Then input Website of P2P Cloud:

Input your P2P ID, and your password, login in.

(If you want to remote visit the DVR through P2P, At first, you need open the "", If your computer can't open this website, please install all the Plug-ins in your computer, otherwise, Otherwise, you will not be able to remotely access this DVR, Please note).

How to remote view through Mobile phone?

1.    You must be installed a APP in your mobile phone,where to find or download APP?

2.    Please used your mobile phone to scan the following QR code.(iPhone APP,Android APP)

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